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Republic of Serbia

Capital CurrencyGovernment system
Belgrade Dinar (RSD) Parliamentary democracy
Official languageRegion Population
Serbian Europe Estimation 2021 - 6.871.547

Country map - Administrative structure - Population density of Serbia

Map Serbia - Administrative division - Population density 2021

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Statistical Data - Population density according to the administrative structure

The population data in the table below is an estimation for 2021, based on the census data from 2011.

Click on the column header brings the table in order of the column header. The default order is the District name.

District ISO
Provincia Capital Area
Population Density
Total       88.462 6.871.547 77,7
Last update: 30/03/2022 - 23:28:15
Backa North RS-01 Voivodina Subotica 1.784 176.354 98,9
Backa South RS-06 Voivodina Novi Sad 4.016 618.179 153,9
Backa West RS-05 Voivodina Sombor 2.420 167.685 69,3
Banat Central RS-02 Voivodina Zrenjanin 3.256 170.957 52,5
Banat North RS-03 Voivodina Kikinda 2.329 133.146 57,2
Banat South RS-04 Voivodina Pancevo 4.245 274.144 64,6
Belgrad RS-00 Serbia Central Belgrado 3.222 1.692.768 525,4
Bor RS-14 Serbia Central Bor 3.507 108.201 30,9
Branicevo RS-11 Serbia Central Pozarevac 3.865 161.625 41,8
Jablanica RS-23 Serbia Central Leskovac 2.769 194.999 70,4
Kolubara RS-09 Serbia Central Valjevo 2.474 159.672 64,5
Kosovo (district) RS-25 Kosovo Pristina 3.117
Kosovo-Mitrovica RS-28 Kosovo Kosovska Mitrovica 2.050
Kosovo-Pomoravlje RS-29 Kosovo Gnjilane 1.412
Macva RS-08 Serbia Central Sabac 3.268 272.921 83,5
Moravica RS-17 Serbia Central Cacak 3.016 195.384 64,8
Nisava RS-20 Serbia Central Nis 2.729 356.298 130,6
Pcinja RS-24 Serbia Central Vranje 3.520 194.188 55,2
Pec RS-26 Kosovo Pec 2.450
Pirot RS-22 Serbia Central Pirot 2.761 81.919 29,7
Podunavlje RS-10 Serbia Central Smederevo 1.248 181.753 145,6
Pomoravlje RS-13 Serbia Central Jagodina 2.641 193.272 73,2
Prizren RS-27 Kosovo Prizren 1.910
Rasina RS-19 Serbia Central Krusevac 2.668 217.595 81,6
Raska RS-18 Serbia Central Kraljevo 3.918 302.956 77,3
Srem RS-07 Voivodina Sremska Mitrovica 3.486 293.965 84,3
Sumadija RS-12 Serbia Central Kragujevac 2.387 277.590 116,3
Toplica RS-21 Serbia Central Prokuplje 2.231 81.474 36,5
Zajecar RS-15 Serbia Central Zajecar 3.623 103.425 28,5
Zlatibor RS-16 Serbia Central Uzice 6.140 261.077 42,5



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