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Data gathering and analysis

We are prepared to assist our clients to advice them in the possibilities to quantify social, economical, ethnical or other contents and their possibilities to map them for the corresponding country. To handle such a contract we are usually applying the workflow mapped in the graphic below.

Our competence is the knowledge about country specific data sources and the collection of data we have joined over years from different countries and the ability to generate from these data expressive graphical diagrams, illustrating so the content of your investigations.

In case we don’t have stored the corresponding data, and/or your own data needs to be related with other data, we are indicated to execute the data gathering processes, searching the required data in national and international databases, using their public and private data sources to complete your datasets in order to reflect your data and investigation context in the best and most expressive manner. This includes also statistical evaluation of the data quality, statistical tests and multiple factorial anaysis evaluations.

Usually we prepare a draft analysis for our clients, demonstrating so the possibilities and limits of the existing datasets, defining so with our clients the:

  • Additional data requirements, giving there from the statistical point of view support in the statistical methodological possibilities,
  • Receiving the client inputs about the existing requests to display the data,
  • Suggesting other, more expressive forms to display the datasets, in order to enrich your documents,
  • Defining with you the best way to complete the objective of your publication.

Once approved the analytical and graphical concept of your data representation we are starting the numerical and graphical data processing, realizing the accorded work. As result of these activities we present our clients the numeric and graphical results of our activities as last step in the process.

On request we can also offer the participation in the literal evaluation of the statistical data – offer frequently used in the medical academic sector.

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