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Terror - and its consequences
Some examples of geo-referenced evaluations

Hardly a topic moves the Western world as strongly as Islamic terror in the last two decades. There are a variety of reports, numbers and tables, also sometimes a geo-referenced representation of the corresponding areas. So here also some examples from this area, which were partly worked up directly for corresponding projects.

The first example of an evaluation is the depiction of the terrorist acts from 1970 to April 29, 2017, illustrated in the English Wikipedia version, filtered for the geographical area of the Middle East and the states of the neighbouring regions.

The data are very small in the early years - only large assassinations are recorded in the statistics, in the later years and currently also attempted terrorist acts are recorded. An evaluation report is therefore attached.

I refer to the second analysis approach to the Syrian Civil War. In this, the territorial power relations in Syria are presented in 2015 and 2017. In addition to this information, the refugee camps in the region - in the neighbouring countries - and their capacity are shown. The two maps show the population density of the Syrian provinces. This is relevant because it varies widely. The western provinces are much more densely populated than the eastern ones.

The third example deals with the refugee situation, triggered by the wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. The standard flight routes, the composition of refugees by country of origin and the numbers of refugees living in regional camps, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are presented. There are also only 2 graphics with values of 2015 and 2017.

Syrian war

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Currently the data of the terrorist acts of Wikipedia will be completed and will be evaluated in the near future according to the criteria presented in the report.
(Report is only in German - but it´s recommended to see it)



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