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Julian Assange - The truth will be silenced!

Great Britain has done its vassal duty - Julian Assange is now to be extradited to the US, according to plans of the British judiciary, where he faces 175 years imprisonment. Not one of the publications has been proven to be wrong in terms of content - the messenger is punished and the perpetrators let go. This applies to the shooters and other people responsible for "Collateral Murder", for the manipulation of the democratic primaries by their own party leadership in favor of Hillary Clinton to the detriment of Bernie Sanders or other, at least equivalent revelations. Now the two leading figures in the current US administration are former Clinton supporters - what fate is Assange now facing?


Remember the campaigns for the release of Deniz Yücel - the world journalist for Springer - 2015 - 2018 - who was certainly as little in custody as Julian Assange is today - but where is the media outrage? And Assange has undoubtedly examined more politically relevant events than Mr Yücel.

The new German government, so interested in human rights - above all Ms. Baerbock, the new German Foreign Minister who, in addition to her human rights activities, is also linked to Atlantik Brücke - should have a pro-Assange intervention at heart. We'll see what is a priority for you. Since she has, it seems, excellent connections with the Ukrainian government, her activities to investigate the murder of at least 48 people in the Odessa labour union building on May 2, 2014, or the Maidan dead by snipers could add some news and condemnation of the perpetrators to be expected. Or not?

One thing is certain: Julian Assange should not be extradited to the USA!


What are our visitors interested in?

We were concerned with the question of what is of interest to our visitors - we have analyzed the access logs for the month of April 2024 more deeply than we normally do. Here you can see the results, some of which were surprising to us:

Range Country Contract
1 Russia Interpol
2 New Zealand International Criminal Court
3 Japan World Trade Organization
4 México Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation
5 Palestinian territories Group of 15
6 United Kingdom International Organization for Standardization
7 Ireland African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
8 Bangladesh Arab League
9 Nigeria European Patent Organisation
10 Antarctica Union for the Mediterranean

If we summarise the results of the 3 language variants and the display for mobile devices, the following country data and treaties are predominantly accessed:

  • Russia, Israel, France, the USA and the Palestinian Territories as the most accessed pages,
  • The international treaties are clearly dominated by data on BRICS .

clearly dominate with extremely high values. Interestingly, and inexplicably, the International Organisation of La Francophonie was also very strongly accessed in all groups.

Statistical viewThe graphic on the left shows the frequency of calling up the countries in a grouped form. The frequency seems to vary between developing and traditional holiday countries. The access between the language versions, with the language versions English, Spanish and German, and the version optimised for mobile devices is also roughly equal.

The language versions are optimised for PC - dominating with 71%. This could either be due to our own rather poor design of the version for mobile devices, or that the site is visited more by professionally interested people.

What do you think - are you here for business or pleasure? p>


International contracts and traties (232)


What is new?

Updated countries


Border crossing points Latin America - only in Spanish

Updated 06/13/2023

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