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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Capital CurrencyGovernment system
Riyadh Saudi Riyal (SAR) Absolute Monarchy
Official languageRegion Population
Arabic Middle East Estimation 2018
33 413 660

Country map - Administrative structure - Population density of Saudi Arabia

Map Saudi Arabia - Administrative division - Population density 2018

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Statistical data - Population density according to the administrative structure

The population data of the table below is an estimation form 2018, based on the census 2010.

Click on the column header brings the table in order of the column header.
The default order is the province name.

Province ISO
Arabic gion Capital Area
Population Density
Total         2 164 055 33 413 660 15,4
Last update: 30.03.2022 - 23:30:01
`Asīr SA-14 عسير South Abha 76 693 375 310 3,4
Bāhah SA-11 الباحة Hijaz Al Bahah 9 921 595 705 4,0
Eastern Province - aš-Šarqīyah SA-04 الشرقية East Dammam 672 522 520 737 5,2
Hā´il SA-06 حائل Najd Ha´il 118 232 716 021 6,1
Jawf SA-12 الجوف North Sakakah 100 212 930 507 6,4
Jīzan SA-09 جيزان South Jīzan 11 671 5 028 753 7,5
Madīnah SA-03 المدينة Hijaz Medina 151 990 2 188 138 14,4
Makkah SA-02 مكة Hijaz Mecca 153 148 8 446 866 20,9
Najrān SA-10 نجران South Najran 149 511 1 455 693 25,1
Northern Borders-Al Hudūd SA-08 الحدودالشمالية North ´Ar´ar 111 797 2 261 618 29,5
Qasīm SA-05 القصيم Najd Buraidah 58 046 487 108 49,1
Riyād SA-01 الرياض Najd Riyād 404 240 8 803 545 57,5
Tabūk SA-07 تبوك Hijaz Tabūk 146 072 1 603 659 137,4


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