Conditions of service and supply

Vector maps are offered in the Internet in huge and quickly increasing numbers. But the prices are very high; reason for this is the required working effort and the still very limited market. Prices form more as 1000 are normal, many maps are protected by watermarks, limiting so the use outside of the terms defined by the owner. But in the Internet are also in increasing numbers vector maps used, especially in Wikipedia, using the SVG format. But these maps should be manually modified; usually they are not prepared for the display of additional geo-referenced data.

The maps here offered were mostly produced for different projects; therefore the price is significantly lower.

Manly there are 2 different possibilities for orders the generation of thematic maps, based on your own data, and the sale of the vector graphics, so that you can work with the originals by yourself. The use of the PDF-files is free of charge, maintaining the our reference.

Generation of thematic maps

Usually we are selling client specific tailored bitmap graphics of the map, tailo-red in the following issues:

  • Size of the required graphic - for web, reports A4 or huger, plotter (formats till A1 or others),

  • Resolution of the graphic,

  • Individual specifications - colour preferences and logotype inclusion,

  • Etc.

In the price of a map until are 4 different formats included. This enables the client the use the graphic in different media.

Steps to go

  • Contact me by e-mail and send me a short description of your needs (Which country, display of own data, change requests on the basic maps or inclusion of new geographic of technical information, required file size paper format and graphic format)

  • We will send you the map in a huger size (Giving you the possibility to include the new information requests, if necessary marked with Paintbrush or other graphic program, confidentiality needs) and an Excel table. It he table are marked the layer elements and you need to write there only the data you like to display. Receiving once these files back the order is given and accepted.

  • We will send you the results later in a watermark protected PDF-file, so you can verify the result and order corrections, additional or changing requests.

  • If the results are accepted I will send you the invoice and you should pay the amount to my bank account - the copy of the payment voucher is sufficient for known clients.

  • After the reception of the payment I will send you by e-mail the map in pixel format in the specified size and format for you further use naturally without my watermark.

Processing time

If the required basic map is in my collection, and if your requests for modifications are not so expansive, you should have the protected PDF usually in the next 2 till 5 working days. The next step depends on your payment and the coordination of the same send me the copy of the payment voucher to speed up the process.

The processing time will increase according to your requests of changes; in these cases the delivery schedule must be coordinated individually.


  • Changes in the maps are generating costs, exceptionally correction of errors in the basis maps, this includes errors in the mapping process and changes in the administrative structure of the country, these changes are cost free.

  • The price for the required modifications and/or the mapping of new information depends on the required time to produce it, and should be coordinated directly you can do it by mail, phone or Skype (holger_frommert)

  • We also producing maps on demand, for the price is valid the same as before said, the required time can be, according to the raw material, between one and 4 working days.

  • You can order by e-mail - and payment over our bank account - as payment we will accept the scanned payment voucher to speed up the delivery.

  • Final versions of maps, documents or other files we are delivering only after payment - earlier versions for error correction and acceptance are watermarked.


  • In normal cases including data evaluation of the Excel table and pasting the data to the map the price for one grouped thematic map is mostly between 50 and 80 plus taxes.The exact neto price is visible on the specific country page. Regional or continental and the world map are possible for 85 till 100 .

  • Modifications should be defined, as before said individually, but as reference can be calculated that I will charge 65 for the working hour, usual for this kind of Home Office work.

  • For huger orders can be agreed individually a discount if there are more as one new map to draw, etc.


Selling vector maps

The price definition is according to the work effort for the generation of the map and therefore to coordinate with us individually. This option is only useful for enterprises which are using this maps frequently.


Worst case scenario

In case of reclamations which can not be solved on a conciliant way with an mutual agreement the complaining part should involve a extra-legal mediator. Only after a written negative result of the mediation should be involved the legal way.

The court of jurisdiction is the corresponding court of our main office.


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