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Democratic Republic of São Tomé & Príncipe

Capital CurrencyGovernment system
São Tomé Dobra (STD) Semi-presidential system
Official languageRegion Population
Portuguese Africa Estimation 2019 - 206 000

Country map - Administrative structure - Population density of Sao Tome & Principe

Map Sao Tome & Principe - Administrative division - Population density 2019

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Statistical Data - Population density according to the administrative structure

The population data in the table below is an estimation for 2019, based on the census data from 2012.

Click on the column header brings the table in order of the column header. The default order is the District name.

District ISO
Island Capital Area
Population Density
Total       1 001 206 000 205,7
Last update: 01/04/2020 - 12:22:47
Água Grande ST-AQU São Tomé São Tomé 17 79 200 4 686,4
Cantagalo ST-CAN São Tomé Santana 119 19 800 166,4
Caué ST-CAU São Tomé São João dos Angolares 267 7 390 27,7
Lembá ST-LEM São Tomé Neves 230 16 600 72,3
Lobata ST-LOB São Tomé Guadalupe 105 22 500 214,3
Mé-Zóchi ST-MEZ São Tomé Trindade 122 51 900 425,4
Pagué ST-PRI Principe Santo António do Principe 142 8 610 60,6



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