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Trump under - Biden Ahoy!

After Biden took office - that was not the handover - the danger of war in the Persian Gulf decreased in public opinion. Is that so? It is more that the same fist is now operating in the silk glove. The US troops are still there, and there has not yet been any report about the repatriation of the Israeli submarine. Mr. Biden should prove to himself how he is keeping peace. Politics is likely to become more predictable again, but US interests and activities will remain the same. More moderate in tone - the same in substance.

One more obituary for Trump - as erratic as he sometimes reacted, he was a good US President! He has not started a new war and reduced the US military presence abroad - this does not apply to our favorite presidents Obama or Kennedy - Biden must be measured against this.


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Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict 2020


Bing-Timeline Covid-19
Take the time to see it completely - itīs impressive!


Border crossing points Latin America - only in Spanish
Updated 20.10.2020

Focus on the Middle East

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  • Republic Donezk
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