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New level of escalation - Israel sends submarine into the Gulf

12/30/2020 - Now various media reported, such as the "Washington Post" and the "Times of Israel", that Israel moves one of its Germany-sponsored submarines to the Persian Gulf. This was illustrated by a photo which showed the submarine passing through the Suez Canal.

The Israeli submarine is supposed to "calm down" the already high tensions in the Gulf - after Trump had already turned the wheel there with the additional transfer of air and naval forces. The Israeli submarine will surely "calm down" the Iranians - no one knows what weapons it is armed with - the Israelis are retrofitting the submarines supplied by Germany so that they can also fire missiles with nuclear war heads. But that's the plan, PROVOCATE.

One more comment on why Germany sponsored submarines. The 6 submarines of the Israeli fleet from the Dolphin I and II class were all manufactured in Germany and delivered to Israel at a price of 2 for 3 - the remaining third part of the costs are borne by the German taxpayer without being asked..

But also for Germany - This to the ban on arms deliveries in areas of tension. Then partly financed with German tax money. Since Israel has directly increased the risk of war in this area of ??tension by moving the submarine to the Persian Gulf - without any need - the German government has to react and stop armaments cooperation with Israel.

Incidentally, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is being investigated for corruption, explicitly also because of these submarine deals.

Still firing up over Christmas?

December 22nd, 2020 - In addition to the air and naval forces concentrated in the Persian Gulf, the US has the

  • USS Georgia (SSGN 729) - nuclear powered submarine with more than 150 tomahawks on board - and the
  • Guided missile destroyer Port Royal (CG 73) and
  • USS Philippine Sea (CG 58)

moved there. This represents a massive expansion of the attack strength of the US troops.

Passive provocation or active attack on Iran? What is Trump planning with his Arab and Israeli partners? But shortly before the resignation, Hitler's scorched earth tactic?


Yesterday - Too early Happy?

December 11th, 2020 - If Mr. Trump wants to write even more negative world history - yesterday came the news via Spanish sources that he had relocated 2 more nuclear weapons-equipped aircrafts to the Persian Gulf !!! - At the same time, he recognised the annexation of the Western Sahara by Morocco - in clear violation of the UN resolutions on the decolonisation of the former Spanish colony. Or are these just parting gifts for his few friends?


Partial all-clear

The situation in the Arabian Gulf still seems stable, even the murder of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on the street in one of Tehran's suburbs has the fragile situation not escalated, thanks to the level-headed behaviour of the Iranians - was this the calculation of Israel and the USA, both where internationally identified as responsible for the murder plot? So as an attempt to provoke war?

Just imagine the Iranian secret service kills scientists in Dimona (Israel) or Los Alamos (USA)! How would these states react? - as far-sighted as Tehran? I doubt it!

Well, we will leave the warning in place until Mr Trump has left the oral office ... but Biden is not the messiah that the most liberal media have been so quick and willing to build up in his person ... He was part of Obama's expansion of the now " worldwide (drone) fight against terrorism ". The war on terrorism is necessary - but what was this assassination in Tehran - terrorism?

COVID-19 has claimed many times more deaths than international terrorism in recent years - measure the international expenditure on fighting pandemics against that of armaments ...

But the fact remains - US contraction of attack technology in the Gulf region ...

11/21/2020 - The initial warning was


A Times of Israel report, linked here, shows what problems we have to prepare us before the change of power in the US. What about our quality Western European media? The silence is deafening! It even goes so far that the "Spiegel", formerly an independent investigative newspaper, reported that the Russians wanted to ram an American destroyer into Peter the Great Bay ...

I believe that European policy should respond to this massive threat from the United States and Israel, it should make it clear that under no circumstances can a NATO defense case be derived from the issues. If Trump wants to write a page in world history at the last minute, Europe should confront him, but not as softly as in the case of "measures to support Iran" to keep them in the nuclear deal, NOTHING was done at that time, only a lot of words.

Our media have to report on this dangerous US adventure - also precisely because Pompeo was in the region, did he solve the last problems with America's allies for this provocation?

Open your eyes, someone is playing with fire!

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