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The danger of war - Russia & Co. - Ukraine & Co.

Everyone known to from the press that Russia is concentrating troops on Russian territory near to the border with the People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.  - Less known is that:

  1. At the same time NATO carried out extensive military war games in the Baltic States - around 300 km from Saint Petersburg, with US and other - including German - participation.

  2. US-Ukrainian manoeuvres in Ukraine, and

  3. The US sends two warships into the Black Sea.

Is the Russian troop concentration the answer to the coordinated manoeuvres right on its border? - or a reaction no the conflict over the two de facto states of the Republic of Donetsk and Luhansk?

The situation is definitely dangerous - remember the Able Archer maneuver in 1983 - the world was facing nuclear war! There, too, the Russians noticed several coordinated manoeuvres by the West, who viewed this as preparation for an attack - and reacted to it - ordered use of nuclear weapons. Only a single Russian commander prevented this by refusing to give orders.

We shouldn't play with fire ...


What are our visitors interested in?

We were concerned with the question of what is of interest to our visitors - we have analyzed the access logs for the month of February 2021 more deeply than we normally do. Here you can see the results, some of which were surprising to us:

Rang Country Vertrag
1 Dominican Republic Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
2 Uruguay Interpol
3 Japan Non-Aligned Movement
4 Germany Caribbean Community
5 Mozambique ASEAN Free Trade Area
6 Jamaica Collective Security Treaty Organization
7 Greenland International Bureau of Weights and Measures
8 Ghana Arab League
9 Kiribati Benelux-Union
10 Trinidad Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

länderstatistikThe graphic on the left shows the frequency of calling up the countries in a grouped form. The frequency seems to vary between developing and traditional holiday countries. The access between the language versions, with the language versions English, Spanish and German, and the version optimised for mobile devices is also roughly equal.

The language versions are optimised for PC - dominating with 74%. This could either be due to our own rather poor design of the version for mobile devices, or that the site is visited more by professionally interested people.

What do you think - are you here for business or pleasure?


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Border crossing points Latin America - only in Spanish
Updated 20.10.2020

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