Graphic design

The graphical design is the outfit used to transmit information. Itīs correct that the content is the main criteria for the value of any publication, means a report, a presentation or an web site, but the outfit of these publications gives the reader the possibility to capture in an easier way the information, speeding up so the transmission of the message of the publication.

This is valid for design of the used graphics, as well for the content format of the entire document. Considering the work with maps our direct working content, the next graphic likes to demonstrate the difference between a used graphic in a international report, the other one shows the same data in other preparation of the data and the map.


This simple example demonstrates the different view on one and the same content, but in a different form of presentation. Our competence is the preparation of maps for all types of media presentations, but we can do more for you, we can:

  • Graphic design and pre-print works for all type of publications, star-ting with the report layout, over brochures and books,

  • Design of logotypes, graphical ele-ments and web pages,

  • Design of business cards and other corporative and private paper work,

  • Banner and other huge format design, until in the meter scale,

  • Special print and plotting tasks,

  • Etc.

Please let us know your ideas - we will find the way to realize it! 



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