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Spratly Islands

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Country map - Administrative structure - Population density of Spratly Islands

Map Spratly Islands - Administrative division - Population density 2014

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Actual situation of the area

The Spratly Islands are a conglomeration of natural islands, reefs and artificial islands built on top of natural reefs. The ownership situation between the neighbouring countries is controversial, since the zones of economic use and historical claims are overlapping. The more detailed table ilustrates the situation.

The table below summarizes the consolidated information and geographically reviewed situation of the islands and reefs. Different sources were included, which, given the different interests of the neighboring countries, resulted in conflicting information that was at least reconciled geographically. Where this could not be done sufficiently, this is noted in the table. The sources used are noted below the table.

The reefs have been included as they are considered starting points for declaration of territorial claims and are generally used as the basis for artificial islands.

From the controversial assignment - see table - it must be stated seen as incomplete information - the assignment is also controversial. If you note any errors or you have additional information, please let us know by email.


Islands and reef of the Spratly Islands

Used abbreviations:

BR Brunei CH People's Republic of China MY Malaysia x Claimed
PH Philippines TW Taiwan VN Vietnam o Controled


English Occupied by Coordinates Area in km² Observation BR CH MY PH TW VN
Last update: 18/02/2022 - 21:14:07
Alexandra BankVietnam 08°01'03"N 110°36'02"E 0,00 x x o
Alicia Annie Reef 09°25'00"N 115°23'00"E 0,02 x x x x
Alison Reef Vietnam 08°51'00"N 114°00'00"E 75,00 x x x o
Amboyna CayVietnam 07°53'31"N 112°55'17"E 0,02 x xx o
Amy Douglas Bank 10°42'44"N 116°09'44"E 0,00   x ox x
Ardasier ReefMalaysia 07°36'25"N 113°55'49"E 0,03 Area unclear x o xx x
Baker Reef 10°43'00"N 116°10'00"E x xx x
Ban Than Jiao ReefTaiwan 10°23'09"N 114°24'49"E 0,01 x xo x
Barque Canada ReefVietnam 08°10'35"N 113°17'43"E 0,00 x xx xo
Bombay Shoal 09°27'25"N 116°55'36"E 0,00   x ox x
Boxall Reef 09°36'00"N 116°10'00"E 0,00   x ox x
Carnatic Shoal 10°06'00"N 117°20'00"E 0,00   x ox x
Central (London) ReefVietnam 08°55'52"N 112°21'11"E 0,25 x xx o
Collins Reef, Johnson North Reef Vietnam 09°46'26"N  114°15'20"E 0,00 x  x o
Commodore ReefPhilippines 08°21'50"N 115°14'00"E 0,00 x xo x
Cornwallis South ReefVietnam 08°44'53"N 114°10'46"E 0,00 x  x o
Coronation Bank 09°13'58"N 111°32'20"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Cuarteron ReefChina 08°51'57"N 112°49'50"E 0,02 o xx x
Dallas ReefMalaysia 07°37'12"N 113°47'41"E 0,00 x o x x
Dhaulle Shoal 09°32'00"N 112°25'05"E 0,00 x xx x
Discovery Great ReefVietnam 10°01'24"N 113°51'16"E 0,00 x xx o
Director Reef / Shoal 08°30'00N 115°55'00E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Discovery Small Reef 09°59'59"N 114°00'19"E 0,00 x xx
East ReefVietnam 08°52'00"N 112°46'00"E 0,00 Data not clear           o
Eldad Reef 10°19'33"N 114°40'50"E 0,00   o
Erica ReefMalaysia 08°06'07"N 114°08'16"E 0,00 x o xx x
Fiery Cross ReefChina 09°32'53"N 112°53'16"E 0,27 Dual-use airport o xx x
First Thomas Shoal 09°19'43"N 115°55'49"E 0,00   o xx x
Flat IslandPhilippines 10°48'59"N 115°49'21"E 0,04 x ox x
Ganges Reef 10°11'00"N 115°19'00"E 0,00 Verification need - Livock            
Gaven ReefsChina 10°12'25"N 114°13'23"E 0,13 o x xx
Glasgow Bank 08°28'00"N 115°30'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Grainger BankVietnam 07°49'10"N 110°30'03"E 0,00 x xo
Grierson ReefVietnam 09°54'08"N 114°33'50"E 0,03 x xx o
Half Moon Shoal 08°54'00"N 116°16'30"E 0,00   x ox x
Hallet Reef 09°56'06"N 114°31'28"E 0,00   o xx x
Hardy Reef 10°07'22"N 116°08'37"E 0,00   x ox x
Higgens Reef 09°48'00"N 114°24'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Holiday Reef 09°49'00"N 114°23'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Hopkins Reef 10°48'31"N 116°05'29"E 0,00   o xx
Hopps (Southampton) Reef 10°15'00"N 115°23'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Hughes Reef 09°54'31"N 114°29'46"E 0,08 Claims unknown            
Investigator Northeast Shoal 09°10'35"N 116°27'37"E 0,00   x ox x
Investigator ReefMalaysia 08°8'55"N 114°39'35"E 0,00 x o xx x
Iroquois Reef 10°37'00"N 116°10'00"E 0,00   o
Irving ReefPhilippines 10°52'32"N 114°55'19"E 0,00 x o xx
Itu Aba Island - Taiping Island Taiwan 10°22'35"N 114°21'54"E 0,46 Dual-use airport x xo x
Jackson Reef 10°30'00"N 115°45'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
James Shoal 03°58'26"N 112°20'56"E 0,00  Verification need x o x
Johnson Patch 07°45'28"N 110°41'27"E 0,00  Group of 7 reefs o
Johnson South ReefChina 09°42'54"N  114°17'13"E 0,11 o x xx
Jones Reef 09°49'50"N 114°27'53"E 0,00 x xx x
Jubilee Bank 08°37'51"N 111°27'43"E 0,00   x x o
Kingston (Trident) Shoal Vietnam11°27'07"N 114°40'42"E 0,00 x xx o
Ladd ReefChina 08°39'57"N 111°40'36"E 9,90 o x
Lankiam CayPhilippines 10°42'35"N 114°32'03"E 0,05 x ox x
Lansdowne ReefVietnam 09°46'00"N 114°22'00"E 0,00 x xx o
Leslie Bank 11°05'00"N 117°28'00"E 0,00   x ox x
Livock Reef 10°11'00"N 115°18'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Loaita CayPhilippines 10°43'43"N  114°21'09"E 0,05 x o x
Loaita Nan 10°42'14"N 114°19'37"E 0,00  "Virtually occupied" x ox x
Loaita IslandPhilippines 10°40'6"N 114°25'26"E 0,50 x ox x
Lord Auckland Shoal 10°18'58"N 117°17'54"E 0,00   x ox x
Louisa ReefBrunei 06°19'54"N 113°14'32"E 0,00 o x x
Loveless Reef 09°51'6"N 114°16'49"E 0,00   x xx o
Lys Shoal 11°19'00"N 114°35'00"E 0,00 x xx x
Mariveles ReefMalaysia 07°59'00"N 113°50'00"E 0,00 x o xx x
McKennan Reef 09°54'00"N 114°28'00"E 0,00   o xx x
Menzies Reef 11°09'00"N 114°48'00"E 0,00 x xx x
Mischief ReefChina 09°55'23"N 115°30'43"E 46,00 Dual-use airport o xx x
Namyit IslandVietnam 10°10'46"N 114°22'00"E 0,05 x xx o
Nanshan IslandPhilippines 10°43'59"N 115°48'10"E 0,08 x o xx
North Luconia Shoals 06°31'39"N 112°17'29"E 0,00 Group of 8 reefs x o x
North ReefChina 11°28'00"N 114°22'00"E 0,13 o xx
North Reef  17°05'25"N  111°30'13"E 0,00 "Virtually occupied" x ox x
Northeast CayPhilippines 11°27'09"N  114°21'16"E 0,00 Shira Islet x o xx
North East Shoal 08°30'07"N 115°17'3"E 0,00 x xx x
North Viper Shoal 08°01'00"N 115°22'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Orleana ShoalVietnam 08°01'13"N  110°37'51"E 0,00 Data not clear x xo
Owen Shoal 08°09'00"N 111°58'00"E 0,00   x xo
Pearson ReefsVietnam 08°58'31"N 113°42'31"E 0,02 x xx o
Pennsylvania North Reef 10°48'03"N 116°50'54"E 0,00   x ox x
Pennsylvania South Reef In verification 0,00   x ox x
Petley ReefVietnam 10°24'38"N 114°35'16"E 0,00 Claims unknown           o
Pigeon (Tennent) ReefVietnam 08°52'00"N 114°39'00"E 0,52 Claims unknown           o
Prince Consort BankVietnam 07°56'00"N 109°58'00"E 0,00 x xx
Prince of Wales BankVietnam 08°04'00"N 110°30'00"E 0,00 Data not clear           o
Reed Bank (Tablemount) 11°20'00"N 116°40'00"E 0,00   x ox x
Rifleman Bank, Bombay Castle Vietnam 07°56'00"N  111°42'00"E 0,00 Data not clear x o
Royal Captain Shoal 09°02'40"N 116°39'48"E 0,00 x ox x
Royal Charlotte Reef 06°56'30"N  113°34'47"E 0,00 x o xx x
Sabina Shoal 09°44'41"N 116°29'26"E 0,00 x ox x
Sand CayVietnam 10°22'30"N 114°28'50"E 0,01 x xx o
Sandy Cay 11°03'42"N 114°13'18"E 0,00 "Virtually occupied" x ox x
Sandy Shoal 11°01'50"N 117°35'26"E 0,00   x ox x
Scarborough Reef 15°08'00"N 117°45'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Seashore Shoal / Routh Bank 10°47'05"N  117°46'57"E 0,00   x o xx
Second Thomas Shoal, Ayungin Shoal  Philippines 09°48'16"N 115°52'20"E 0,00 x o xx
Sin Cowe East IslandVietnam 09°55'00"N 114°32'00"E 0,00 Not included in all maps x x xo
Sin Cowe IslandVietnam 09°53'07"N  114°19'47"E 0,01 x x xo
South Luconia Shoals 05°27'39"N 112°31'18"E 0,00  Group of 7 reefs x o x
South Reef Vietnam 11°23'15"N 114°17'55"E 0,00 Claims unknown           o
South Viper Shoal 07°50'00"N 115°0'00"E 0,00 Claims unknown            
Southern Bank 10°29'30"N 116°40'42"E 0,00   x o xx
Southwest CayVietnam 11°25'46"N  114°19'53"E 0,12 x x xo
Spratly IslandVietnam 08°38'41"N  111°55'12"E 0,15 Military
x xo
Stag Shoal 08°24'00"N 112°57'00"E 0,00   o
Subi ReefChina 10°54'53"N 114°04'00"E 3,50 Dual-use airport xx
Swallow ReefMalaysia 07°22'21"N 113°50'42"E 0,35 Dual-use airport x o xx
Templar Bank 11°03'04"N 117°15'43"E 0,00   o
Thitu Reef 11°04'25"N 114°20'5"E 0,00 "Virtually occupied" x o xx
Thitu IslandPhilippines 11°03'11"N 114°17'05"E 0,37 Dual-use airport x o xx
Tieshi Jiao 11°05'00"N 114°22'00"E 0,00              
Trident Shoal 11°27'07"N 114°40'42"E 0,00 x x xx
Vanguard BankVietnam 07°31'45"N  109°44'40"E 0,00 x x o
West (London) ReefVietnam 08°52'00"N 112°15'00"E 0,10 x x xo
West York IslandPhilippines 11°04'54"N 115°01'26"E 0,19 x o xx
Whitson ReefChina 09°59'38"N 114°39'27"E 0,00   o x xx
Zhangxi Jiao 09°46'00"N 114°24'00"E 0,00            


Nameless and not assigned reefs
Nameless Reef   9°56'00"N 114°31'00"E   Between Hughes and Holiday Reefs
Two nameless reefs   9°45'00"N 114°36'00"E   East of Lankiam Cay
Two nameless reefs   11°2-4'N
  West of Sandy Cay and Thitu Island

Used sources:

  • Wikipedia - diferent languge versions


Naming of the islands in the languages of the neighboring countries

Click on the column header brings the table in order of the column header. The default order is the English name.

English Chinese Filipino Vietnamese Malay Occupied by
Last update: 18/02/2022 - 21:14:07
Alexandra BankRenjun TanBai Huyen TranVietnam
Alicia Annie ReefXian'e Jiao ArellanoDa Suoi Ngoc
Alison ReefLiumen JiaoDe JesusDa Toc TanVietnam
Amboyna CayAnbo  ShazhouDatu KalantiawDao An Bang Pulau Amboyna Kecil Vietnam
Amy Douglas BankAntang JiaoMahiwagang DiwataCum Ho Tram
Ardasier ReefXibo JiaoAntonio LunaBai Kieu Ngua Terumbu Ubi Malaysia
Baker ReefGongzhenkk Jiao Da Ba Co
Ban Than Jiao ReefBan Than Jiao Taiwan
Barque Canada ReefBai Jiao, Liwei Dao MagsaysayBai Thuyen Chai Terumbu Perahu Vietnam
Bombay ShoalPengbo Ansha Abad SantosBai Cai Mep
Boxall ReefNiuchelun Jiao Rajah SulaymanDa Long Dien
Carnatic ShoalHongshi AnshaSikatunaBai Rach Lap
Central (London) ReefZhong Jiao Gitnang QuezonTruong Sa Dong Vietnam
Collins Reef, Johnson North ReefGuihan Jiao RoxasDa Co LinVietnam
Commodore ReefSiling Jiao Rizal Da Cong Do Terumbu Laksamana Philippines
Cornwallis South ReefNanhua Jiao OsmeñaDa Nui Le Vietnam
Coronation BankKangtai Tan
Cuarteron ReefHuayang Jiao CalderonBai Chau Vien China
Dallas ReefGuangxing Jiao Rajah MatandaDa Da Lat Terumbu Laya Malaysia
Dhaulle ShoalXiaoyao AnshaBai Nguyet Suong
Discovery Great ReefDaxian Dao Paredes Da Lon Vietnam
Director Reef / ShoalZhixiang JiaoTamban
Discovery Small ReefXiaoxian Jiao Burgos Reef (Gomez)Da Nho
East ReefDong Jiao Silangan Da Dong Vietnam
Eldad ReefAnda Jiao Beting Burgai
Erica ReefBoji Jiao Gabriela SilangTerumbu Siput Malaysia
Fiery Cross ReefYungshu Jiao KagitinganDa Chu Thap China
First Thomas ShoalXinyi Ansha,  Xinyi Jiao BuligBai Suoi Nga
Flat IslandFeixin Dao, Antang Dao Patag Dao Binh Nguyen Philippines
Ganges ReefHeng JiaoPalma
Gaven ReefsNanxun Jiao (Northern Reef), Xinan (Southern reef)   BurgosDa Ga Ven China
Glasgow Bank
Grainger BankLizhun Tan Bai Que Duong Vietnam
Grierson ReefRanqing Shazhou Julian FelipeSinh Ton Dong Vietnam
Half Moon ShoalBanyue Jiao Hasa-HasaBai Trang Khuyet
Hallet ReefAnle JiaoDa Binh Son
Hardy ReefBanlu Jiao SakayDa Phat Tu
Higgens ReefQuyuen Jiao
Holiday ReefChangxian Jiao
Hopkins ReefHuoxing JiaoDa Hop Kim
Hopps (Southampton) Reef Lusha Jiao Diego SilangDa Hop
Hughes ReefDongmen JiaoTu Nghia
Investigator Northeast ShoalHaikou JiaoPawikanBai Phu My
Investigator ReefLangkuo, Yuya Jiao Kulumpol ng PawikanBai Tham Hiem Terumbu Peninjau Malaysia
Iroquois ReefHouteng Jiao Del PilarDa Khuc Giac
Irving ReefHuo'ai Jiao Balagtas Dao Ca Nham Philippines
Itu Aba Island - Taiping IslandTaiping Dao Ligaw Dao Ba Binh Taiwan
Jackson ReefWufang Jiao
James ShoalZengmu AnshaBeting Serupai
Johnson PatchChangjun AnshaBai Vung May 
Johnson South ReefChigua Jiao MabiniDa Gac Ma China
Jones ReefZhangxi JiaoDa Van Nguyen
Jubilee BankZhuying TanMy Hai 
Kingston (Trident) ShoalJindun AnshaBai DinhVietnam
Ladd ReefRiji, Jiao, Shizi Jiao Hon Da Lat China
Lankiam CayYanxin Shazhou Panata Bo Loai Ta Philippines
Lansdowne ReefQiong Jiao PagkakaisaDa Len Dao Vietnam
Leslie BankYongshi TanUrdujaBai Vinh Tuy
Livock ReefSanjiao Jiao Jacinto (SW part) Bonifacio
Loaita CayNanyao Shazhou Bai Loai Ta Nam Philippines
Loaita NanShuanghuang ShazhouLoaita NanLoai Ta Nam
Loaita IslandNanyao Dao Kota Dao Loai Ta Philippines
Lord Auckland ShoalElan AnshaLapu-LapuBai Na Khoai
Louisa ReefNan Tong Jiao Barat Kecil Brunei
Loveless ReefHua Jiao Da Ky Van
Lys ShoalNannailuo JiaoBisugoBai Nui Cau
Mariveles ReefNanhai Jiao MarivelesTerumbu Mantanani Malaysia
McKennan ReefDongmen or Ximen Jiao Da Ken Nan
Menzies ReefMengzi Jiao Rajah LakandulaDa Men Di
Mischief ReefMeiji Jiao PanganibanDa Vanh Khan China
Namyit IslandHungma DaoBinago Dao Nam Yit Vietnam
Nanshan IslandMahuan Dao Lawak Dao Vinh Vien Philippines
North Luconia ShoalsBeikang AnshaGugusan Beting Raja Jarum
North ReefDongbei Jiao China
North Reef Zhuying JiaoDa Bac (Hoang Sa)
Northeast CayBeizi Dao Parola Dao Song Tu Dong Philippines
North East ShoalXiaowei AnshaPonceBai Ngu Phung
North Viper ShoalDuhu AnshaMaya-Maya
Orleana ShoalAonan AnshaBai DatVietnam
Owen ShoalAoyuan Ansha Chim Bien
Pearson ReefsBisheng Dao Hizon Hon SapVietnam
Pennsylvania North ReefYangming JiaoDa Go Gia
Pennsylvania South ReefDongpo Jiao
Petley ReefBolan Jiao Juan LunaDa Nui ThiVietnam
Pigeon (Tennent) ReefWumie Jiao Lopez-JaenaDa Thien Yen Nu Vietnam
Prince Consort BankXiwei Tan Bai Phuc Nguyen Vietnam
Prince of Wales BankGuangya Tan Bai Huyen Tran Vietnam
Reed Bank (Tablemount)Liyue Tan, Lile Tan RectoBai Co Rong
Rifleman Bank, Bombay CastleNanwei Tan Bai Vung May Vietnam
Royal Captain ShoalJiangzhang Jiao KanduliBai Doi Moi
Royal Charlotte ReefHuang Lu Jiao Da Sac Lot Terumbu Sama-rang Barat Besar
Sabina ShoalXianbin JiaoEscodaBai Sa Bin
Sand CayDungian Shazhou BailanDao Son Ca Vietnam
Sandy CayTiexian Jiao Da Hoai An
Sandy ShoalShenxian AnshaMabuhanginBai Huu Do
Scarborough ReefHuang Yen Tao
Seashore Shoal / Routh BankHaima TanBaybayin DagatBai Thach Sa
Second Thomas Shoal, Ayungin Shoal Renai JiaoKulumpol ng AyunginBai Co MayPhilippines
Sin Cowe East IslandSinh Ton Dong Vietnam
Sin Cowe IslandJinghong Dao Rurok Dao Sinh Tonh Vietnam
South Luconia ShoalsNankang AnshaGugusan Beting Patinggi Ali
South ReefXinan Jiao TimogDa Nam Vietnam
South Viper ShoalBaowei AnshaTomas Claudio
Southern BankNanfang qiantanKatimuganBai Nam
Southwest CayNanzi Dao Pugad Dao Song Tu Tay Vietnam
Spratly IslandNanwei Dao Lagos Dao Truong Sa Vietnam
Stag ShoalYindun AnshaPanday Pira
Subi ReefZhubi DaoZamoraDa Su Bi China
Swallow ReefDanwan Jiao CelerioDa Hua Lau Terumbu Layang Malaysia
Taiping IslandTaiping Dao Ligaw Dao Ba Binh Taiwan
Templar BankZhongxiao TanDalangBai Rach Vang
Thitu ReefTiezhi JiaoDa Vinh Hao
Thitu IslandZhongye Dao Pagasa Dao Thi Tu Philippines
Tieshi Jiao Tieshi Jiao
Trident ShoalYongdeng AnshaTatlong-TulisBai Dinh Ba
Vanguard BankWan-an TanBai Tu Chinh Vietnam
West (London) ReefXi Jiao Kanlurang QuezonDa Tay, Con Tay Vietnam
West York IslandXi Yue DaoLikas Dao Ben Lac Philippines
Whitson ReefNiue Jiao Da Ba Dao China
Zhangxi Jiao Zhangxi Jiao


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