Presentations in PowerPoint and other programs

We are living in a media overloaded time. For our ideas and projects we must consider this fact and prepare our ideas in an optical pleasing form to sell these ideas. The time of only fact based decisions is over – it’s also important to sell these ideas –a well prepared content in concordance with a high quality layout and design – eye- and attention catching.

The most used way is a presentation, usually in Power Point or Impress, in any cases also as web page to be present and accessible for a longer time period. In both cases are knowledge’s of graphic design required, using only the standard templates of the common used programs tiers the audience, meanwhile a well developed and good designed presentation is able to convince the audience from the content and the central idea of the same.

A well designed presentation needs mainly the following components:

  • A well focused and precise formulated content – short is better, focusing is the main problem – focusing in the decision criteria and/or in the main issues,
  • An readable design, where the presentation is giving like a guideline the main points of the presentation content,
  • Principal issues should be written in a special form to focus the interest of the audience in the issue,
  • An eye-catching design, in concordance with the place, occasion and audience, including “wakeup points”, the last especially in longer or massive content oriented sessions of presentations.

Currently the knowledge of Microsoft Office and with this of the presentation software PowerPoint is a usual indicator in all job descriptions, and normally affirmatively answered. But to elaborate a well designed presentation you need more, much more. This is mainly the following:

  • Knowledge of the tool PowerPoint – options Handouts and notes – animation and design standards,
  • Graphical tools to optimize the included graphical elements, photos and other elements,
  • Collection of clipart, better not the usual used graphics, fighting so against the monotony …
  • And a lot of experience in designing presentations …

We have this experience … Especially in the inclusion of animated geographic maps we are experts.

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